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eyes wide open

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It's a new day.

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absolutly fabulous, addison montgomery, alex drake, alex/gene, aliens, amanda tapping, ancient myths, angel the series, angelina jolie, animal spirits, animals, anime, annabeth gish, arizona robbins, art, ashes to ashes, bewitched, bones, bree hodge, buffy the vampire slayer, cats, cowboy bebop, creativity, criminal minds, cruel intentions, cuddy, culture, dan brown, dana scully, david boreanaz, david duchovny, desperate housewives, disney, drawing, dreams, egypt, egyptology, emily prentiss, er, eva green, ewan mcgregor, fairies, fantasy, felicity huffman, foreign countries, foreign cultures, fox mulder, free thought, fringe, gabrielle, garbage, gene hunt, gillian anderson, girl interrupted, greek mythology, grey's anatomy, harry potter, holding hands, house, house md, huddy, huskies, imagination, incense, jack and karen, jack o'neill, jack/juliet, jacket, jackie chan, jane rizzoli, jennifer saunders, julie walters, juliet burke, kate todd, kate walsh, kate/ari, kate/gibbs, kathryn morris, keeley hawes, kibbs, kim legaspi, kosheen, lilah morgan, lilah/wesley, lilly rush, long way down, lost, love, lucy lawless, malcolm in the middle, marcia cross, marisa coulter, marisa/asriel, mark harmon, maura isles, mock the week, monica reyes, moulin rouge!, mrs coulter, music, mythology, nature, ncis, nicole kidman, olivia/peter, open mind, orcas, pandas, paranormal, peace, persephone, practical magic, psychology, rachel weisz, rain, royksopp, sam/jack, samantha carter, sawyer, scrubs, serenity, sex and the city, shirley manson, sia, silent witness, sleeping, smiles, snow patrol, sociology, spartacus: blood and sand, spirit companions, spirits, spirituality, spooks, star wars, stargate sg-1, suliet, tattoos, tears of the sun, tess gerritsen, thailand, the bone collector, the interpreter, the matrix trilogy, the x files, the x-files, tori amos, ugly betty, veronica mars, x-men